Your next big bid happens here. Run and manage energy auctions in a personalized environment. Negotiators will deal through a safe, interactive and friendly application.

Auction in process - Proponent screen
Auction in process - Administrator screen
Waiting for auction - Proponent screen
Last minute of the auction - Administrator screen

Easy to use, safe and customizable.

Define your strategy.

Create your own auction method according to your company's needs. Our platform is flexible and accepts new rules.

Be practical

Follow your bids in real time, manage pricing and product availability. Generate reports and manage documents and files. There are lots of features in our system to make all stages of your auction easier.

Enjoy a great interface

In a friendly and easy to navigate interface, negotiating in Leilão Digital platform is, in fact, a great experience. It is also compatible with all major browsers.

Place your identity

Our graphical interface is customizable. Accessing the platform, proponents will be in a personalized environment that follows the company's visual identity.

Count on our support team

Auctions are followed live by Suati's analysts that support all auctions participants. The consultancy includes an auction simulation and support by e-mail and phone from the agreement to the end of the auction.

Have a reliable auction

Our solutions are secure, reliable, and our customers say so. They make our platform leader in this industry. In May 2008, the application was audited by VeriTest (LionBridge) in Ireland. After an auction, it's possible to audit all transactions.

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