Simplify your communication GENE Cloud allows your company and your clients, to interact in a cloud platform and manage your energy business in an easier way.

Share files and reports
Make invoices available online
Send and receive contract information
Send and receive notifications

Everything in just one place

Always available

Your customers will be able to access their contracts, invoices, and reports from a computer, notebook or tablet.

Secure information

Cloud computing will help your company centralize information and have a better control over who has access to your data.

Save time

Our platform makes information available in real time to your company and to your clients.

Stay cool

Our platform has security protocols and an exclusive access credential to keep your information protected.

Find information easily

Our platform is intuitive and really easy to use. You'll be able to find the information you need with no difficulties.

Don't miss important dates

Send and receive notifications and alerts when an important date approaches.

Ready to start? GENE Cloud can make a difference to your company.

Contact us. We want to show you how our solution can help your company and your clients share information in a more simple and effective way.

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