Manage your energy contracts


Manage your contracts and invoices, make an energy audit, and follow your metering in real time. All in a friendly platform tuned with energy industry rules. GENE saves the time of your team and makes them more analytic than operational.

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Run and manage auctions

Leilão Digital

Make your energy auctions in a platform that understands your business strategy. Our high level of customization, the emotion of stopwatch and the interactivity of our solution makes Leilão Digital the number one choice amongst the players in the electricity sector.

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Share data

GENE Cloud

Share contracts, invoices, reports, and other data with your customers and suppliers. Make your communication easier and centralize your company's information in a cloud environment. All safe and centralized.

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Companies in the energy industry have specific needs. Simplify their business management creating easy-to-use software that understand market rules is our philosophy. Our main office is located in the city of Recife, one of the most important IT poles in Brazil. We have projects supported by the State Government and partnerships with important IT research centers as Porto Digital.

What our customers say about us

Marco Aurélio Ross Head of Energy trading

In Suati's platform, we rely on real-time consultancy, before, during and after each event. It ensures us agility and safety in the process of energy negotiation. Suati's platform is recognized by the market and shines credibility to our clients and sales partners in the energy trading process.

Critics have made their choice

and selected us due to our potential of innovation and because of our great and creative work environment.

Prêmio GPTW 2015
Prêmio FINEP Inovação 2010
Prêmio Melhor Programa de Estágio 2013 CIEE